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    • CommentAuthorbronwen
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2009
    Hello people,
    I've been doing some work with a small publishing company in Leamington Spa, and they're planning to update their website, and are now looking for a designer. If you're interested, contact Janet Seaton js2773 @
    Could you please provide more details about this opportunity (e.g. the name of the publishing company, their URL, who Janet Seaton is within the company, maybe a contact telephone number).

    Also, some info about the work you did might help this opportunity sound more convincing.

    Sorry to rant, but there's just not enough to go on here to make even first contact. If the opportunity is genuine, thanks for posting it, despite my bad temper ;)
    • CommentAuthorbronwen
    • CommentTimeAug 18th 2009
    It's a genuine opportunity - the company is LCP. They weren't sure about having their URL blazoned over the website which is why I (initially) left it so vague. It's about seven years since their current website was setup, and the company is looking at a general rethink and redesign.

    To quote:
    "LCP is a Leamington-based educational publisher, producing teachers'
    resource materials for the primary school market for the last 15 years.
    They are seeking to update the design and navigation of their website,
    in order to increase sales and also traffic to the site.
    They are looking for a designer who can both update the look of the
    website and suggest additional things they could be doing. No copy or
    technical development required, but search engine optimisation will be a
    key factor. (A collection of product and other images is available.)

    A design brief is available if you are interested in learning more about
    the project.

    Contact: Janet Seaton, Project Co-ordinator,
    email: js2773 at"

    I'm involved on the programming side, and suggested that multipack might be an interesting place to look for designers 'cos I just don't do the pretty.
    bronwen, thank you for ignoring my bad temper and providing more info.

    That's a lot more interesting a prospect and I'm sure that designers here will get in touch.