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    • CommentAuthorspacescape
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2009
    As most of you that I've tweeted at or spoken to at events will know - a most of my work in the last year has involved the development of Silverlight web apps using Blend.

    I know there are a few multipackers who expressed an interest in finding out more, and I've offered on a couple of occasions to give a talk on my experiences - but there hasn't really been an opportunity as yet.

    Anyway - just thought I'd try and gauge some interest in a specific look at Silverlight, Blend 3 and the SketchFlow prototyping tool.

    I'm not necessarily suggesting this for a Multipack Presents talk, as I think there is probably enough material there, and speakers I could involve for 3 talks on each of the aspects, ideally with some real-world uses and experience.

    My hope is that it would give people view on how it is being used, why it's worthwhile technology, but without any of the hype (though i shan't apologise for my enthusiasm :) Thinking an evening, post work, midweek, late August, user group type affair.

    So what do you think - something you'd be interested in? Other suggestions for format, location, dates?
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2009 edited

    A weeknight "Multipack Workshop" perhaps?

    I'd certainly be interested in being guided by soemone who has a lot more experience in it and looking into Silverlight a little further, purely out of interest and curiosity - but I have no plans to deploy any Silverlight or Flash (for anything other than vehicle videos).

    Alternatively, given Gareth's (and, I think, many of the Multipack's) desire to host an event in Birmingham, perhaps it could be a workshop for that.

    I'd be interested and I'd also offer (subject to getting approval from management) to host it at our facilities, the only downside being that our facilities are in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2009

    I'd definitely be up for a showcase/workshop about the latest MS technologies, mostly because it's the accepted standard within the financial sector and I need to see what it's actually capable of.

    The suggestion of mid-week Multipack Workshops is a great idea too. Hosting could be a bit of an issue but maybe we could call on our academic-based counterparts (ahem, Matt) to investigate using their services.

    This is on the assumption the workshops are non-profit. If we're considering paid workshops (I'm talking grass-roots level, less than £100), we could always consider the likes of Orange Studio which Andy Clarke will be using for his Transcending workshops. I've got a good friend who is events manager there so we could even try to get some discount.

    • CommentAuthortrovster
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2009

    I got a bit confused at the "I'm not necessarily suggesting this for a Multipack Presents talk, as I think there is probably enough material there, and speakers I could involve for 3 talks on each of the aspects, ideally with some real-world uses and experience" part!

    Multipack Presents has usually been for two speakers, so if you've got enough material for that, then it would be good. Geek in the Park is taking over the August date, but I don't see why this couldn't be arranged for the following Presents event, which would be in October.

    I personally don't think there needs to be another type of event, especially weeknight workshops. We should concentrate on Presents and more informal weeknight events, which Anthony has been great at organising in the Leamington area.

    cheers for the feedback guys

    @trovster - sorry for the confusion... a bit rushed and didn't phrase it very well :)

    My thinking was just that i didn't think the multipack collective would be up for a whole 'Presents' session to be given over to one technology (particularly an MS one :), or whether it was something that ALL attendees would be interested in. Also just because October seems rather a long way off at the mo.

    For those reasons, I was unsure of whether it should be a multipack branded event as such - or whether it should be marketed more widely. I'm keen to get some sort of Birmingham/Midlands based user group going, and an event like this would be a good way to kick it off.

    But I started my canvassing here is cos this is the best and most relevant group of birmingham based internet pros i know of.

    My feelings are that if you use .NET for web development, or are involved with developing rich internet applications in any form (Flash, AJAX, whatever) - then it's something worth finidng out about, cos it's not going away and it's good to have the full picture of what the options are for your clients and/or projects.

    I hadn't envisaged it being a hands-on workshop - more of a 'firestarter' type event. I'm no expert on holding workshops, so would certainly not be looking to charge! If there was a real demand for a workshop, if people felt an introduction would only be worthwhile if they got their hands dirty at the same time... then I could look at involving others more experienced.
    • CommentAuthorMatt
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2009

    I think you'd probably get a fair bit of interest if you did this as a presents event. It's different, people like something unusual.

    You could always ask somebody from Flash Midlands round to give the Adobe counterpoint?


    @Matt That would be an awesome idea.

    Any idea on a date?

    • CommentAuthorspacescape
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2009
    Cool... I like the idea of the alternative view - makes me feel less exposed and open to be shot at as an advocate of one particular technology :)

    For the record, I don't see it as a straight choice between Silverlight and Flash... more a case of AJAX vs. Flash / Silverlight... depending on your preferred technology and/or resources. But that's perhaps a discussion to be saved for later!

    So far as a date goes, then if it's looking like being part of a MP presents gig, then October i guess? To be discussed at the events between now and then...

    will continue my investigations into the viability of a Midlands silverlight user group in the meantime...