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    Waddup Flahsers!

    Can't say too much at this stage, but soon Rhubarb Radio will be needing the - hopefully paid - services of some Flash developers, who know their ActionScript, and have a good understanding of streaming audio.

    If that sounds like you, please email and I'll keep your name in my list, when we know more about what we're doing and who we'll need to do it.

    We've got some exciting new ideas for improving and eventually changing the way people listen to Rhubarb and other radio stations, and will be looking for collaboration and funding to make this happen.

    Any questions, please just shout.

    • CommentAuthorMatt
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2009

    You might want to punt this over to the guys at too, their kind of thing!

    Oooh top shout Matt, cheers.