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    • CommentAuthorMatt
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2008

    Obviously you should be reading my exciting and insightful (cough) web development blog, but aside from that, what else?

    Which blogs keep you coming back for more? Enquiring minds want to know! Especially if they're places we haven't heard of. What's in your morning feed read?

    For myself, I'm currently enjoying it's nice that for random designed tat, Brass Goggles for steampunk goodness and SEOMoz for its whiteboard Friday.

    And you?

    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008

    I seem to focus more on the business and design side of things. Notcot and Elliot Jay Stocks are normally quite interesting from a design point of view while Techcrunch UK and Carsonified fill my business needs.

    Would it be overkill to create a Multipack OPML file?

    • CommentAuthortrovster
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008

    Well, OPML wise, we have an OPML of Multipack member services. And I could create an OPML export of my Multipack Netvibes tab.

    For inspiration I look at, AisleOne and occasionally Swiss Miss has something interesting. Colourlovers has great inspiration for colours and palettes. Paul Stamatiou has a good range of interesting topics, based around Valley type companies.

    • CommentAuthorMatt
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008

    Si, yeah Notcot is one I've started reading recently. Do you find Techcrunch UK's tighter focus more useful that Techcrunch itself?

    Trev, Colourlovers is indeed awesome, I think it was the "Palletes based on beers" feature they did that first got me onto them. Not seen the others though... Abduzeedo looks like it actually has some Fireworks Tutorials, which is a rare thing indeed!