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    • CommentAuthorlalex
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2010 edited

    Hello Multipackers

    I'm looking for feedback for a site I am doing for a charity based in Birmingham.

    The link to the site is here.

    Though I have experience in CSS and HTML this was mainly with table layouts and I wanted to do a project using CSS and HTML 'properly' (more semantics!)

    The css file structure and styling in general is based on Simon Collison's book "Beginning CSS Development", which I bought after seeing his talk at Geek In The Park last year.

    Feedback from the client is good but the final pages have yet to be produced so I thought it was a good time to see what others thought...

    Things I am unhappy with...

    There are a few things I know need more work:

    • The beach image is low quality and will be improved when the new site is complete

    *The "I am a" divider will either be dropped or styled more.

    *I am unhappy with how the logo (id=logo) is positioned . I am not sure how I can align it with the bottom right of the "welcome" div.

    *The JQuery I know can be applied to a class for the mouseover/mouseout but haven't properly gone through this.

    *I'm a developer not a designer and I know the site will look better with some nice graphics that will server as "Call to actions", which I am hoping to do as I add each page.

    *I was thinking of adapting this design to work with the 960 grid CSS and wondered if anyone had any opinions on this as well?

    Thanks for your time, any comments- good, bad and ugly are welcome.


    Alex Graham

    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2010

    Hi Alex

    First off, good idea getting some advice from the forum. It's the best place to start a conversation and get some constructive feedback.

    As for the design, I like the way it is going. A few suggestions though:

    • Possibly introduce separators between the main menu items, maybe bullet points to differentiate between each navigation item
    • The mast head seems like it could do with a little extra content or shuffling around. The Spurgeons graphic seems like it's just been dropped in and needs some attention.
    • Rather than the pulldown for "I am a", how about text links. eg. "Are you a Young Person, Parent/Carer or Professional?" It should fit in the box (just).
    • The Photos fun day image bottom right would probably work better at the same width/dimensions as the two CTAs above it
    • Sub-headings are slightly too far away from their related content - maybe minimize the vertical space?

    Hope that helps.

    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2010

    Hi Alex,

    I think the columns layout is good, and the suggestions I would make would be mainly about design consistency and colour decisions.

    Firstly, I think making a firm decision about which font you want to use for headings would help as it's often not a good idea to mix serif and sans serif fonts across titles (although a sans serif body font with a serif heading or visa-versa often works well).

    Also, you've used red, green, blue, grey, black and white as the major colours on the page. I would tend to try a more subtle and reduced colour palate, and you could use a tool like to do that. By only working with specific colours, I think you will get a more controlled colour scheme. Even if the charity's colours are all these colours, I would select just one or two to work with.

    It appears you have managed to align the logo, and as for the grid, I can't really advise as I have my own long-established methods of doing that stuff, but I think it's probably not a bad place to go to learn the principles of making good use of space and fitting things together neatly.

    I think you're going in the right direction though. As I say, the page layout seems pretty clear.


    • CommentAuthorlalex
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2010 edited

    Just a quick note to say thanks Si, Andy for feedback. The comments are very helpful. I am definitely adjusting the "I am a" section and will take another look at fonts/ masthead/ colours. Thanks for the kuler tip. Never been good with logos though the client is happy with it. Will have another go to see if I can improve things.

    Thanks again