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    Hi all,

    You may have seen me tweet briefly about this late last week, but we've just created two new jobs on my team, and I'd like to give you all the opportunity to see more information on the positions.

    I work for Listers Group, England's largest privately-owned motor group, and my team looks after a number of websites, intranets and other internal-only projects. We also look after CarCast, which is our take on a multi-brand, multi-site used car search engine, which currently features over 150,000 vehicles.

    Both positions will be based at our Head Office facility in Stratford-upon-Avon, working within the Marketing team and will require an excellent command of the English language in both written and spoken form. Bank Holidays and an additional 22 days paid holiday are part of our standard package.

    You will also require a valid work visa before you can apply.

    Web/Front-End Designer

    Apply Online:

    The newly created web designer position has been created to enhance our new website engine, our communication between the company and our customers, and also internally across our intranet.

    Working closely with the New Media Manager, the successful applicant will be responsible for:

    • Developing and maintaining a clean, fresh, uniform and consistent design for use across the Listers Group websites and working with the web developers to implement it.
    • Working with the New Media Manager to develop user interfaces and enhance the User Experience on our websites.
    • Working with each of the Marketing Managers for the brands we represent and our Email Marketing specialist to enhance our email communications with our customers.

    The ideal applicant:

    • Is proficient in taking a design mock-up and translating it into lightweight, optimised code and imagery
    • Can produce clean, semantically rich, standards-compliant code
    • Has strong knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS in order to make the most of their designs both visually and structurally
    • Understands the concepts of progressive enhancement and delivering code which works in any browsing environment, whilst maintaining a certain level of visual similarity across modern browsers

    Additionally, knowledge of JavaScript, unobtrusive JavaScript techniques and JavaScript frameworks (such as jQuery) will be very advantageous.

    In return, you'll have your choice of working in Windows or OS X and the software you require in order to get your job done

    Salary Package: Up to £22,500 per year.

    Web Developer (ASP.NET, C#)

    Apply Online:

    We are looking for a new web developer to join our growing New Media team, to assist us in the development of new and existing projects. Working with some of the most talented developers in the industry, you'll be helping Listers Group to stay ahead of its competition by enhancing

    Working with the existing developers and the New Media Manager, the successful applicant will be responsible for maintaining the existing codebase and suggesting improvements for performance and stability, as well as developing new features and systems as required.

    The ideal applicant:

    • Works well within a team of other developers and designers
    • Loves programming
    • Can talk to SQL Server databases with ease
    • Understands C#, knows about generics, understands LINQ and can handle object-based data sources
    • Has a good web development history, with examples to share

    For bonus points, the star applicant:

    • Has a good understanding of the Team Foundation System
    • Understands RESTful APIs, queuing technologies and interactions with Windows Services
    • Can dig into deep data stores to find answers to questions we haven't asked yet
    • Knows about agile development and continuous integration

    In return, you'll have access to an MSDN Premium subscription and any other software you require in order to get your job done.

    A short technical test will be administered as part of your initial interview to gauge your knowledge and understanding of basic web development techniques, some of which will be specific to the .NET environment.

    Salary Package: Negotiable, dependent on experience.

    Apply Online

    You can apply online using the links above, but if you're interested in applying for either of the positions and would like to discuss requirements first, or would just like a chat, please send me an email or drop me an @reply on twitter with your CV and a link to your portfolio, blog or some examples of work you have recently been involved with.