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    Hey all. Bit cheeky of me to be posting as I've not really been active since the Birmingham Barcamp, but those who see me on the Twitters (where I am @moxypark) have probably read about Hackitude, my attempt at a "less talk, more action" approach to cooking digital ideas in Birmingham.

    I just wanted to shout it up here, and to let you know that Saturday 5th is the deadline for new ideas. After that, there'll be time for people to figure out what they'd like to look at and attempt to solve. In that time I'll try and put ideas people together with hackers.

    I'd love to see you there! There's still a few places left, but only one ticket for the full weekend.

    Cheers peeps,
    • CommentAuthorMatt
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009

    Do you have many Saturday places left? We've got our Xmas knees-up in the evening, but we might be able to mooch along before hand...

    There are still a few places for Sat-Sun, but maybe your best bet is Fri-Sat (Friday night, Saturday morning/afternoon)? It doesn't start on Friday til 8pm, so you can get a good 20 hours' hacking in before getting Christmasy!